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Children's shoes wholesale
Children's shoes wholesale
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Comfortable and healthy shoes for kids

What indicates the high quality of children's shoes?


A child's foot requires stable, light and comfortable shoes. The orthopedists recommend buying footwear with lacing and a hard back for kids in the first years of life. It is particularly important when babies take their first steps and still do it quite awkwardly. Then good shoes can make the process of learning to walk easier. The shoe backs stabilize feet, and the laces provide a perfect fixation of the shoes. Even summer shoes can have a hard back. It is just as important that the fingers lie freely, and the insole has a shape that prevents flat feet.


It is necessary to pay attention to the upper material. The natural leather is an ideal material that provides an excellent fit to the shape of the foot and allows it to breathe. If you do not need leather shoes, then textiles and eco-leather are a suitable option. This air circulation allows babies to feel comfortable during the day, and their feet remain dry. In winter shoes, strength and a non-slip sole are of particular importance. Since winter boots are usually higher than the ankle, it is worth paying attention to how they are fastened. It is better to choose something as practical as possible, because even the best shoes that are difficult to put on can scare you away.


"Healthy Foot Certificate" — what does it mean?

You might want to take a look at the shoes marked with a "Healthy Foot Certificate" sign — a smiling foot on a yellow label. This sign is awarded to shoe manufacturers by the Institute of Leather Industry. Of course, the manufacturer is able to use the certificate only for models tested by IPS. A group of professionals decides whether a certain pair of shoes meets the quality standards and whether it contributes to the proper development and functioning of a child's foot. The commission consists of an orthopedist, an anthropologist, a shoe designer, a materials expert and a technologist.

However, this does not mean that shoes without such certificate are of no worth. Not all pairs that have entered the market pass such sort of testing. This is entirely a manufacturer's initiative, who may or may not be granted the right to use this sign in case the shoes do not meet certain standards.


Some brands have never let us down, therefore, we choose their products with confidence. Good children's shoes are a pleasure for both babies and their parents and are always an excellent investment.

Aesthetics is also of great importance, it is exactly what draws our attention. The bright accents are appreciated by boys and girls, and manufacturers compete in ideas for extraordinary shoes.


Softness and comfort for children's activities

You also need to look at the shoe base — the sole. It must be flexible and provide cushioning on uneven surfaces. Some models are equipped with ventilated holes. Soft children's footwear is always noteworthy, besides, kids are happy to wear them, which proves that we have made a good purchase. Children like to show independence, so choose shoes that are easy to put on and take off. When they can get ready for a walk without the help of their parents, they are filled with self-confidence and pride.


Durable materials perfectly match the baby's cheerful nature, so a well-chosen pair may become an ally during a dynamic game. If we invest in a reliable pair of shoes, we will find that even after many months of intensive use, they are still in good condition.


Prices in the stores can vary significantly. A very low price may seem tempting, but it is worth evaluating whether it corresponds to the quality. If this is not the case, it is better to avoid such a purchase and, as a result, disappointment. We can find good and, at the same time, not expensive shoes. Online stores, as a rule, offer a profoundly rich assortment. A good price-quality ratio is the best indicator of successful purchases. So, choose what your baby will feel comfortable in, so that you wouldn't be worried about their proper foot development.

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