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Children's shoes wholesale from the manufacturer
Our children wear our shoes - it is the best guarantee of quality


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Wholesale children shoes
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Children's shoes wholesale from the manufacturer
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Upper material: leather combination

Inner material: leather

Size: 25-30

Gender: girl

Цвет: pink

Pairs in complect: 6

Individual packaging: box

Supportive cushioning in the heel
Chrome-free lining
Easy to wear
Rounded toe and comfortable fit
Maximum sole flexibility
For maximum foot hygiene
Featherweight fit
Breathable, anatomical insole lined in leather
Soft well-being
Thermo boots from the brand Weestep is a modern development of the membrane technology WE-TEX. The membrane can be two-layer-such a membrane is used in products with a lining, and three-layer, where the outer fabric is used, the membrane is laminated to the outer and inner fabric (lining to protect the membrane). WE-TEX membrane is made of Teflon. The main property of the material is water resistance and vapor permeability. WE-TEX membrane is a very thin fluoroplastic film and has a large number of holes.