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New collection "School 2020" on sale.
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Children's shoes wholesale from the manufacturer
Our children wear our shoes - it is the best guarantee of quality


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Children's shoes wholesale from the manufacturer
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Upper material: eco-leather

Inner material: leather

Size: 22-26

Gender: boy

Pairs in complect: 5

Individual packaging: box

There is no need to talk about the merits of The Weestep brand, but it is probably worth introducing you to sneakers. Available models: for children; sports, casual and specialized; demi-season plan; European sizes; beige, black, green, white, red, pink, brown, gray, blue; lined with leather or textile. Sneakers Weestep-will be reliable, and most importantly a quality assistant in achieving sports goals. Bright design. High quality. Patented Weestep technology, providing optimal indoor microclimate sneakers. Convenience and comfort. The ease of care.