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Children's shoes wholesale from the manufacturer
Our children wear our shoes — it is the best guarantee of quality


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Children's shoes wholesale from the manufacturer
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Upper material: eco-leather

Inner material: leather

Size: 27-32

Gender: boy

Repeats: 28-30

Pairs in complect: 6

Individual packaging: box

There is no need to talk about the merits of The Weestep brand, but it is probably worth introducing you to sneakers. Available models: for children; sports, casual and specialized; demi-season plan; European sizes; beige, black, green, white, red, pink, brown, gray, blue; lined with leather or textile. Sneakers Weestep-will be reliable, and most importantly a quality assistant in achieving sports goals. Bright design. High quality. Patented Weestep technology, providing optimal indoor microclimate sneakers. Convenience and comfort. The ease of care. The item will go on sale soon. Upon receipt of this product at the warehouse, our manager will contact you. Product will be reserved when transferring prepayment.