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Children's shoes wholesale from the manufacturer
Our children wear our shoes - it is the best guarantee of quality


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Wholesale children shoes
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Children's shoes wholesale from the manufacturer


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Shop at WEESTEP for Wholesale Kids' Quality Shoes

Welcome to the Weestep shoe site!

The Weestep brand will become a personal guide for every successful wholesaler. We have presented the best children's shoes in bulk, which can be purchased in real time. The priority area of our company is high-quality and reliable children's shoes, or rather - its sale.
Weestep is the most modern children's shoes made of the most natural materials of all colors and sizes. The assortment offers shoes for any occasion:
• for sport
• for outdoor games
• walking models

Wholesale children shoes

We are constantly updating the lineup so that each of you has the opportunity to purchase stylish products for yourself that correspond to fashion trends. Only our wholesale store Weestep delivers branded models and gym shoes with a bright, stylish print for young fashionistas. Come on any time, get acquainted with the assortment of products on our website.
We look forward to seeing you again!

Comfortable and healthy shoes for children
Children's shoes - wholesale
Demi-season shoes Weestep
Summer shoes Westep for boys

About children's shoes

Welcome to the online store of children's shoes "Weestep" firma Weestep Sp. z o.o.


Welcome to the online store of children's shoes "Weestep.pl"

Here you will be able to pick up all necessary collections of children 's shoes by the gross of the brand Weestep. But before you go to the catalogue, we recommend to familiarize yourself with the history of the brand and some of its features...


Fashion brand "Weestep" is a brand of modern and high-quality children 's shoes, which successfully combines everything necessary for a modern buyer. High quality affordable price «WEESTEP». Successfully designed models, high-quality materials and modern manufacturing technologies provide an excellent product that is interesting to customers. Weestep children 's shoes are a great choice for each wholesale buyer, because thanks to the assortment you will be able to collect an order for your customers taking into account their characteristics and wishes.


Wholesaler of children shoes Online children shoes wholesaler



Brand of children 's shoes «WEESTEP» has long been a sales leader in America, Canada, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Europe, and Ukraine. All this is due to the fact that one of the largest factories of children 's shoes in China, has many years of experience in manufacturing and modeling high-quality children 's shoes. The company produces thousands of successful models, dozens of popular European brands and millions of pairs of children 's shoes!

The shoes of the brand "Weestep" are children 's shoes made of natural leather, and today 's buyer very much appreciates it. And thanks to the perfect ratio of price and quality, shoes is braking up at the moment! Shoes wholesale Weestep is available for purchase online, dating, ordering.

We have such moccasins, starting in the smallest size, for children who are just starting to walk, and they need a support-insole that will prevent flatfoot, and the orthopedic sole will allow the child to remain without flatness.

Among models of children's footwear, it should be noted qualitative and fashionable models of shoes of moccasins, sandals, sneakers which are in great demand at all boys and girls. Weestep Sp. z o.o.

The catalogue of shoe tales in bulk consists of the following sections:


Winter shoesChildren footwear wholesaler Warsaw

Termo shoes




Sammer shoes



Summer shoes are bulk divided into orthopedic, preventive and sports models, among which everyone will be able to choose the perfect pair for their child. For the convenience of wholesaler’s summer shoes are divided into pawn shops for the smallest, size roll 16-19, the next size roll 20-25 and 26-31 for older children and for teenagers 32-37 years old. Special attention is paid to the design of collections for boys and girls. Each pair of summer shoes necessarily has an anatomically correct sole, a leather insole with an arch support. Sandals and sandals from the collection of summer shoes of the Weestep are made of quality leather with various elements of decoration.


Sneakers wholesale is every person 's favorite shoe, and must necessarily be in every store. Sneakers always occupy a separate place in the catalogue, the choice of this shoe is suitable for everyone. The WEESTEP brand offers natural leather sneakers both inside and outside. The collection features both classic sports models and models that will not leave your customers indifferent.


Shoes wholesale - a wide selection of models classic, every day and weekend. The Weestep footwear is made of genuine leather, has a qualitative cut, it is reliable and beautiful. "Weestep" shoes wholesale for girls and boys, this is just what will decorate and expand your retail store range, so the amount of regular shoppers will be increasing.


Sneakers wholesale is the kind of shoe that is interesting to everyone, a pair of sneakers in a child 's wardrobe don 't just have to be a place, should be present, not one copy. Sneakers are always well sold, they are happy to buy. The brand name Weestep has taken care to ensure that sneakers are aesthetically good, convenient and practical to wear.


Winter shoes wholesale from the brand "Weestep" are boots and boots made of natural materials, outside made of leather or suede, and inside with insulated natural insulation, made of fur or wool. Stylish appearance - it is practical to wear, and the main thing to keep children 's feet warm!

Thermo bots wholesale WE-TEX, it is a seasonal but no less popular item. In our country, due to the changing climate, "WE-TEX" is popular from October to April, each wholesaler seeks to provide his store with enough such shoes in a timely manner. TM "Weestep" in turn offers high-quality, not wet and at the same time nice models of thermal treatment wholesale at the hottest prices.


Shoes wholesale is a separate, equally popular industry of production brand "Weestep." Shoes for a boy or shoes for a girl orthopedic or preventive, but the main thing is always convenient and trendy. In the grey autumn or blooming spring, the choice of parents stops at "Weestep."

Boots for shoes wholesale is a separate, equally popular industry of production brand "Weestep." Shoes for a boy or shoes for a girl orthopedic or preventive, but the main thing is always convenient and trendy. In the grey autumn or blooming spring, the choice of parents stops at "Weestep."


Buy children 's shoes wholesale from Weestep - a profitable acquaintance of wholesalers with the new brand on the market Of Europe. This is a great choice for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs alike. Successful collections of children 's shoes for all times, for school and sports, a series of shoes "Orthopedic" and "Prevention," and all this is made of natural materials. Fashionable modern design, practical wearing and affordable price allow children 's shoes "Weestep" to quickly win the hearts of parents and the market.


Wholesale children shoes

Book children 's shoes in bulk today, and tomorrow in your city there will be rumors about a wonderful shop where you can buy excellent shoes. The presence in the range of shoes "Weestep" guarantees the growth of customers and, as a result, popularization of your store and increase of profit. From us you can buy "Weestep" shoes wholesale at the best price - directly from the manufacturer, so you are always offered the most up-to-date models. For convenience, our catalog has information about each pair, a detailed photo at different angles and information about the contents of the box, the size range/quantity. Weestep Sp. z o.o.

Weestep baby shoes!


Children 's shoes wholesale from the brand "Weestep" are not just shoes, it is a fairy tale for children 's feet.