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We make shoes for children as for adults. ONLY BETTER!
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Children's shoes wholesale from the manufacturer
Our children wear our shoes - it is the best guarantee of quality


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Children's shoes wholesale from the manufacturer


Our company on the European market since 2019, is the official representative of the brand "WEESTEP," invites everyone wishing to buy our products in bulk without additional surcharge.

We provide certificates for all our children 's shoes.

Weestep shoes have been in constant demand from shoppers for years.

Becoming a partner of our company, you are guaranteed to promote your business to a new stage of development.

In shoe production, Weestep takes into account everything that is really important for good shoes, boots, shoes and sandals.

The latest production technologies allow us to produce the most modern models of shoes, characterized by anatomically correct shape, orthopedic properties and convenient shoes.

The painstaking and precision work of many talented designers is to give children bright, fashionable and unique images that make them easily feel like a magical princess and brave knight.

High-quality natural materials and modern environmentally friendly materials used in the manufacture of shoes are designed specifically to maintain the health and comfort of small unseeded people in the home and on the street.

It is important that WEESTEP children 's shoes are sold at an affordable price, bringing a fairy tale literally to every house, every baby!


It is the optimal combination of price and quality that multiplies the number of fans of Weestep children 's shoes every day.