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Children's shoes wholesale
Children's shoes wholesale

About production




The Weestep children 's shoe factory is located on an area of more than 9,000 square meters, the factory itself is the largest modern and technological production in China, the factory has 12 lines for the production of children 's shoes of various European brands, the factory employs More than 1000 people, the daily production volume is more than 30,000 pairs of excellent, trendy, modern shoes!


Weestep brand shoes account for only 20% of the total annual production of this shoe giant, their products are placed by many European brands, shoes produced in this factory are sold in all corners of the globe!



Weestep is headquartered at 178 S Oxford Ave, Los Angeles, USA



The European officeof the brand Weestep is located in Poland, Warsaw, ul. Nadrzeczna 16, Wólka Kosowska. Hall 1, Box C26 

+48728888569 (Viber, WhatsApp)







The official distributor of the brand Weestep in Ukraine is located at Ukraine, Odessa, promrynok "7 kilometer" showroom №333, behind the street. Pink (exit to the Dry estuary) +380684880000 (Viber, WhatsApp)

Work schedule:
daily from 8: 00 to 20: 00 (except Friday)

e-mail: info@skazkaopt.com.ua

website: skazkaopt.com.ua

Brands of children's shoes:


1 Сказка (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus)

2 Chicco (Italy)

3 Graceland (Germany)

4 Bobbi Shoes (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine)

5 WeeStep (America, Europe, Ukraine, Russia)

6 Pasito (Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan)

7 Barbaris (RF)

8 Kid club tienda online (Spain)

9 Code girls (America)

10 TG Kids (Korea, Japan, China)

11 Girlz Only (England)

12 NAF NAF (France)

13 Jina (England)

14 Tortuga (Germany)

15 Seven Lemon (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia)

16 Tiburon (RF)

17 Not rated (America, Brazil)

18 Graceland (Germany, Holland)

19 Venice (Germany)

20 Conguitos (Spain)

21 Shuzzi (Belarus)

22 Pillin (Chile)

23 Kenka (RF)

24 Miss Liberto (France)

25 Minoti (United Kingdom)

26 Max & Jessi (RF)

27 E3 (China)

28 Peddy (America)

29 T-taccardi (Poland)

30 Eram (France)

31 Little K (Australia)

32 Pediped (America)


In the online store weestep.pl you can buy quality shoes of factory production from the popular brand Weestep ™ wholesale at the most profitable prices, as we are the official representative and exclusive importer of this brand in Europe. A close partnership with us directly guarantees you convenience and safety when choosing an item that will be presented in your store and purchased by your buyers.


Always up-to-date and the widest range of Weestep ™ models;

The best wholesale prices in Europe and even imports to the former CIS countries;

Direct contact with plant, modeling and quality control departments, etc.;

Fast processing and sending orders (you avoid delays in the logistics of the intermediary);

Guaranteed return (exchange) of factory defects;

Information on first-hand income, promotions and discounts through Internet messengers for users registered on the site;

First, detailed and timely information on all events for members of the Viber group "Weestep";

Feedback, advice and assistance in selecting our experienced managers;

Any shipping and payment options you choose;

Source content in any format and description for retail and wholesale online stores and outlets;


Direct import and cooperation with one of the best children 's shoe factories in China gives us the opportunity to influence the model range of the brand Weestep and improve their quality and usability with each season. Choose the best materials and accessories from leading suppliers in Europe and China.


"Thanks to you and your feedback, we learn and grow every day! Let's grow together!"

Respectfully, your trusted partner - Weestep team.